Another new, mini project: musicFromMotion Receiver (Rx)!

Good morning humans! It’s been a bit nutso lately working on projects that don’t comprise the nexus of music and electronics, helping out with the Supercomputing Challenge, making lots of green chile stew, and exploring the enchantment of New Mexico with the other two amigos — wife and dog.  But enough banter!

There’s another new project up that’s similar to the last:  a new and improved musicFromMotion Receiver (Rx)!  Though the mFM project page hasn’t been updated since its inception, this mFM-Rx module (and the less-pretty version) has been used since just after mFM’s debut.  mFM-Rx alleviates the hassle of connecting an nRF24L01+ module to a Raspberry Pi with hookup wires or a prototyping board, and is sleeker than its nRF24L01+ adapter predecessor.

Check out the project page for more information on building it and hooking it up!  Enjoy!


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