Below are some links that I have known and loved.


  • Arduino: the ground-breaker that made microcontrollers approachable, and is still relevant today.
  • BeagleBone: another small, maker-friendly, Linux-based single-board computer that’s a bit beefier than the Raspberry Pi.
  • Raspberry Pi: another leader in the field, helping to integrate inexpensive computers into education and hobbyist projects.
  • Reprap: open-source 3D printer community project.


  • EEVBlog: great electronics tear-downs, lessons, and rants from a somewhat-opinionated Aussie.
  • Hackaday: news and projects in the hacking community.
  • Instructables: user-submitted repository of clever DIY projects and hacks.
  • Make: publisher of the DIY magazine (plus some well-written books), creator of the Maker Faire, and resource for project ideas and kits.


  • Adafruit: huge catalog of maker fixings, and a grand learning database to boot.
  • Seeedstudio: maker shop plus custom, small-batch PCB manufacturer.  Authors of the Grove sensors and BeagleBone Green.
  • Sparkfun: similar to Adafruit with a smaller catalog, but also a wonderful educational resource and more bare components.