tmidi_side Teensy MIDI Interface: Combining the powerful microcontrollers of today and the sophisticated bleeps and bloops of the 1980s, behold: the hardware link between Teensy and MIDI devices! T-MIDI offers MIDI input, output, and thru ports connected to a PRJC’s Teensy (3.1, 3.2, or LC) to offer some highly-configurable MIDI happenings. Control your synth’s sound module with a banana, light up a traffic light with your kick pedal, boil water with your keyboard, or just sit there and stare at it.
Rx_side musicFromMotion Rx: Several times a day I’m asked, ‘Hey Calvin, I really dig your nRF24L01+ adapter, but it’s so bulky! And I have all these mini nRF24L01+ modules lying around with no way to hook them up to my Raspberry Pi! Will you help?’ Behold: a sleek, slick, slim solution that’s barely larger than a postage stamp and cheerily dwells within your RPi case. Originally made as an upgraded receiver for musicFromMotion, this cool puppy can be used anytime you need an nRF24L01+ transceiving fix.
nrf_adapter1 nRF24L01+ Raspberry Pi adapter: elegantly connect the powerful, ubiquitous, and cheap nRF24L01+ to the [same adjectives] Raspberry Pi. Don’t hassle with hookup wire or protoboards anymore — with a few common parts and a few bucks this adapter will solve all of life’s problems (at least the nRF24L01+ and Raspberry Pi-related ones).
mFM_logo musicFromMotion:  mFM converts your slick grooves into sweet tunes.  Body movements are transmitted wirelessly to a host computer and then translated into pre-programmed beats and instruments.  And everything is reconfigurable on the fly; you can serenade or offend the airwaves however you please.